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Gig Disappeared after making some changes


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I know this topic is already discussed here but it happened slightly different for me. I made almost 4 modifications in a day. After first 3 my Gig was still ranking on first page for 3 keywords. But after the last modification in which I just changed the name of packages my Gig disappeared from search results. I contacted CS (Bug Report) and got reply after two days.
They sent me email that your Gig needs modification. When I asked them detail they told me that it seems my Title is not Coherent. However, title was same from last 30 days and it was ranking fine. However, I still changed the title to make it coherent and posted reply in CS in ticket but I got no reply since 17 hours. Now at the time I’m writing this I again got email “your Gig needs modification” and still same modification that is “Your title needs to be revised”. My Gig is not appearing in search results from 4 days and response from CS is very poor.
Can anyone let me know what will be end of this situation, I mean will my Gig get back finally?
Will my Gig rank again at the same place after coming back?
Should I post more replies in ticket to get answer quickly or it will further delay?

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