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Bad experience with united buyer

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Hi every one !!

I hope alI you are ok am i right???

I am developer faisal . I am new in fiverr ,last Friday i open a account ,and yesterday a buyer knock me to demo import his website ,I agree with him. ok He order me to do this job ,He give me, his account user and password ,But i can not login ,some time after he said me ,that his site demo import done ,now he want to customization his site ,I don’t talk about this issue ,I said him ok , no problem ,after 15 minute he come back and said me do order cancel ,I do question why you want to cancel ??
He told me that i am not working person,he told ,you did’t anything ,net more more talk ,next I sent a letter ,I will sow every one ,
.Hello sir!!
How are you sir? Not hope, faith is good. But I’m not good. You didn’t let me be good.
You couldn’t do that to me, I told you that this is the first job in my freelancing life.
So I have to do the job very well, so I wanted to take the job after seeing and hearing.
And when you get it, you said that the job of your demo import is easy and the job is easy for me. I ask you to order this job.

You gave me the job and took it away, it wasn’t needed, Mr. I’m not a beggar man , I’m a developer, you said I can’t work,
do you know anything about me?
10 dollar is nothing. When I got the job, I thought I would work with you for a living.
But unfortunately I could not.
Just You have 10 dollars in your mind, but for me the first job cancellation means a much worse career,
All is well, God is waiting for something better.
All right, send a cancel request. I’m confirming. All right, sir.

Ah, one more thing, but I’m not a bugger man.
I am a developer , just miss-tack to understanding you and me ,i think i have time but you think i didn’t do anything .
thanks for your communication sir ,God bless you ,thank you so much ,
My failure is that I could not work with you.

And next we are mutual cancel this job ,even what I do???

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