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Buyers ignoring gig description


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This is something that needs to be addressed quickly and harshly.

I offer a writing service. I don’t use software (except MS Word), and I do all research to craft a high-quality article for my buyers. I’m having a problem lately with buyers ordering without reading the scope of my gig, and asking for delivery of double or more than what I offer. Some examples:

My gig says that I will write a compelling article, UP TO 500 WORDS. People will request that my article is 600, 800, 1000, or even 5000 words in length. These buyers are USUALLY looking for content for scammy internet marketing sites, and usually located in known “scam zones” (India, Malaysia, Nigeria, etc).

Many people will “require” that I provide them with an article image (and they’re clear to specify that i don’t find something on Google images), a 100-150 word excerpt, and a 500 word article.

I make my instructions very clear on my gigs and post-order follow up message. These people don’t get the picture. We really need a function to reject troublesome buyers.

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I think people not reading the gig description fully is the greatest contributor to conflicts/challenges between buyers and sellers.

I guess we live in a time where people’s lives are rushed; they are operating on information and technology overload; they want everything microwave fast; skimming is the new reading.

It amazes me how much people don’t actually read.

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