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Available Gigs (New rule suggestion)

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Ok, I’ve understand that depending your level you can have active a number of gigs.

So, for example, if you are a Level One user and reach 10 Gigs, you just have to delete one of them to create a new one.

It takes a lot of time to create a commercially effective gig to just simply delete it, due you have reach your maximum Gig number.

I think it could be great to have the option to change this rule from “sellers post a select amount of gigs” to “Sellers are allowed to have active/online an amount of Gigs”. So I can have 17 Gigs created (for example) but only 10 active…

For example if I have 7 gigs related to christmas, is not commercially effective to have those gigs active if we are on summer…but it will be a waste of time to erase the 7 christmas Gigs (in summer) and create those gigs again in christmas… So it could be great to set those Gigs unactive till christmas come again, and then I activate the summer related Gigs…to deactivate when christmas comes, and so on…

It have sense?

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