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Delivery Time not updating with Order Quantity

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Hi, today a buyer made a basic package order in quantity x2, yet the amount of days remained the same.
Please fix this, it makes absolutely no sense. I can increase the number of days on my extras, why shouldn’t I be able to do the same for order quantity? Is it not extra work as well? Am I missing something?

Furthermore after some research I’ve seen people complaining about this… since 2016. No changes?
So let me get this straight, fiverr allows a buyer to order a package in up to 20x in quantity. Are you saying I am expected to do 20x the work in the same amount of time I would make 1x the work?

And what if the buyer also decides to buy an Extra Fast delivery on top of the 20x quantity for some reason? This not only means that I would have to do it on an exponentially reduced amount of time, but also the buyer would pay (once) for me to do 20 Works in half the time or whatever less time I defined for 1 Order. I mean…

Did anybody think this through?

Thank you.

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