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Order problem, buyer cancled my order

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If you delivered the order then the only way a buyer can cancel it is to ask Customer Support to get involved. If CS rule in your favour, you will receive your money after 14 days. If CS rule in the buyer’s favour, you will lose the money.

So long as the service you provided to your buyer matches the gig description (and any other additional promised services you might have mentioned in your messages with the buyer) then you should be fine.

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you see here on fiverr, the client’s satisfaction and approval are considered to be the top priority of the sellers here. Its indeed very sad to hear your story but the buyers can cancel their order even an hour before the delivery, its not in our authority to request the buyer not to cancel his order or reject their cancellation, that’s a violation against TOS.

You are lucky if you were not reported by the buyer that could end up in a warning from the fiverr community for you.

Asking for your right is no wrong so you can contact the fiverr support for the help. I would personally recommend you not to reject the cancellation again. It could highly impact your ratings.

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