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Almost one year on the fiverr voyage

Guest likesmax

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Guest likesmax

Hello every one. It’s me Max@fiverr.com/likesmax.

So it’s been a year since I joined fiverr 🙂

In January 29 2013, I joined fiverr with a big will in my head to earn some bucks in my free time.

It wasn’t so easy, I had so many hard times with;

Not receiving orders

Time management

Delivering high quality work

And sometimes, dealing with the negative reviews 😕

However here are my Sales Analytics.

Became $1,868 richer

220 Positive reviews


So far I bought these;

Sony Experia sp

Samsung galaxy S2

And few other things and the rest is in my bank safely 😃

And for other sellers, I just want to say;

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.

Thanks for reading.


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