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Buyer won't accept order cancellation and spamming me with new order instead

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I am new here in Fiverr and I am looking for some help regarding buyer behavior. Recently, I have a client who made an order for his newfound Github application to be deployed in AWS. After submitting all the required tasks in the order description, he accepted it and gave a 5 stars rating. We continue discussing the project on the order page and later on, he wants me to further develop the software and I told him my programming skills were not that good and ask him to find someone who is capable of further development but he insisted. Later on, he starts to spam my inbox with messages and also spamming me with orders so I ask for cancellation but instead, he made another new order.

Before I go here to ask the community for a similar situation, I already filed a complaint to the support and I put all my gig services on pause for the meantime.

What should I do?

Does anyone here have this kind of experienced?

How do you handle this kind of situation?


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