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My take on sales


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Hello there. First of all i’ll say i have no idea how this whole thing works yet. I’m sure there’s enough Fiverr veterans around here anyway that will give advice on how to fully utillize the different features. Beside’s if you did the free course in Learn than you have enough knowledge to work with. What i wanted to write here is how i used to get my sales up as a sales person in retail and as a waiter.
It’s really not that different than what i’m doing here: I have a product and im trying to sell it. I found that a lot of the time people tend to fall unto their regular speech and it makes the pitch sound very forced. When i worked as a waiter i would always approach a table knowing they’ve heard everything just from eavesdroping the different tables so i’d try a different approach. As a waiter you have a short while to to make a long lasting impression (That’s your tip). So i’d always give a well observed compliment that would suprise them and ease them into the sale. I wasn’t lying, But it was effective. I think that when you get to the messages if you mage a personal connection to the client it will be easier for him to return to you. I can’t say how many times i took an extra talking with customers and they came back just because of me.
There are a lot of different customers and many better men then me have classified them. It is important in whatever way you choose to identify what customer you’re working with. In retail all i needed was around 7 seconds. I have the time he’s walking in the store to check his attire, Then i have 3 seconds to see what’s his first reaction (without me saying anything) and where is he looking. And then i wait 4 more seconds for him to give up looking for what he’s looking for and cross eyes with me. I never said Welcome to customers. They don’t want you to bother them since they don’t want you to make them buy something they didn’t plan to. If someone needs you they call you so it’s not really a sale, When someone’s asking you that’s when the sale starts. I ususally give two options to choose from: If they have one option then it’s a yes or no question, If it’s two options then its a one or two answer. So when you get to your messages aim at 2 packages. If i think the client is a cheepskate (Which is okay) i offer the more expensive item and then the cheaper. I’m making him think of luxuriousness of it and then making him realise that for his needs the best thing is the cheaper one. And vice versa: If it’s someone who i think is wealthy i offer the cheap item first and if he scuffs at that i know i can go to the more expensive item. Most of the time they get so offended that you offered something like that that they lock in the more expensive item.
Be well read in the subject that you’re trying to sell. Give as much information as possible that your client has not heard about before. If he’s asking you something and you can’t give a thorough answer then he’ll go to your neighbour. So whatever it is you’re working on try to expand your knowledge on your spare time.

These are some tips from a long while i worked in retail and waitering. Something like 2 years straight of experience. Then again some people have more then a decade worth of experience here and it absolutely dwarfs in comparison. I just wanted to write this here.
Have a great day folks.

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