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The mystery behind getting on first page


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Hello! I’m a level one seller. I have been on Fiverr for quite sometimes now but there are still some part of Fiverr that seems like a mystery to me. I don’t really understand how to get to first page thou I have been on second page of a search tag but till now it remains a mystery to me. At a point I was sure it’s the numbers of impression you have in the span of 7days or 30days on a gig that determines your position on a particular search tag.

But then how many impressions do I really need to be on first page? is it 1k or 10k in the span of 7days or 30days? or does it depends on the traffic on the gig search tags. Or maybe it has nothing to do with impressions and it depends on the number of orders you have gotten(so what’s seems to be the case of new sellers on first page).

Is it country based, I’m confused I need answers to all these. We all know how well first page can be of good benefits to sellers. But what exactly is the criteria for getting there.
Please do well to react to this and drop your opinion

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