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Problems with searching gig


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Good morning, guys. I have a problem and I hope you can help me 😅
I’ve create my first gif many months ago ( https://www.fiverr.com/mzdesign_it/create-the-highlights-for-your-ig-profile-and-page ) and for the first week I’ve found it with no problems searching “Highlights Instagram”. Now I can’t find it anywhere and I think buyers can’t find it too.
Can someone help me to understand why? Other thing: how can I improve the views to reach more buyers?

Hope you guys can help me 🙂
Thanks a lot!

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I think its happen to every one, do the works on time and quickly be polite with buyers. it will come back.

I think there’s a problem cause I have always respected times and my customers were always happy 😊

The only time I don’t answer, were when a profile can’t reach answer 😔

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