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Do you think localized sites would help improve your affiliate performance? (A discussion)

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Hello guys!

Fiverr recently launched 3 localized sites (in German, Spanish, French), where a user can complete a transaction on his native language.

This means that everything on Fiverr’s main website – the homepage, category pages, gig pages, order checkout, payment, and the resolution center – will be translated to German, Spanish and French.

It’s the first time that Fiverr has enabled buyers to complete transactions in a non-English language environment. It’s also an incredible opportunity for affiliates to expand their audience and reach new potential buyers.

So our questions for you are:

  1. Do you find localized sites useful for your audience? would it help improve your preformance as a Fiverr affiliate?
  2. What is still missing from those sites, in your opinion?
  3. Would you like Fiverr to translate to more languages?
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It certainly helps with the search for the gigs, because then the titles are displayed in German.


After clicking on the gig everything is in English again.

A version with “Gig in German / Gig Ads English” would be cool.

The seller should write his own text. It should not be translated automatically. That would be perfect.

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I think so because a big amount of audience that comes to the site from where im from are not well proficient in English so it might be hard for them to navigate through.

Making a different layout for your main language under the same gig. Some things don’t translate well in english being phrases and idioms. So if you could make it possible with a click of a button to change the gig to a different language (By the creator).

Yes. I would love you to make Hebrew possible.

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