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I have a problem guys :thinking:


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Hi guys.
I’m on Fiverr for around 40 days now.
My gig reached this statistics, and I think it’s pretty good.

Schermata 2020-04-30 alle 08.02.30762×224 5.3 KB

But I have a problem, since 2 days (when I got 2 orders on this gig and 1 on another from the same customer) my statistics fell down. Now Impressions from 800 reached 0, as well as views and clicks.

Is there anybody who can explain me why? 😦
Thanks for your help!

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I just now looked at the impressions on all 4 of my gigs and they all look just like yours. They all drop to 0 on April 29.

I don’t know why but you are not alone.

I hope someone else will also check their impressions on their gigs and see if they too have 0 impressions for April 29.

It may be a bug.

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Don’t worry about this. This is most probably a bug because a lot of other users also experienced the same thing around the same time. If your orders drop as well then it might be worrying. As long as you are getting the same amount of orders of per week lets say then it is just a bug.

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