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Inconsistency in "Buyer Request" page of Fiverr.com in terms of UI/UX

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Hello Everyone,

I hope you all are doing great.

Today I would like to point out some inconsistencies I noticed on Fiverr “Buyer Request” page for the seller.

The buyer Request page is very important for sellers for getting a job, especially for new sellers. So the
UX of it should be straightforward to understand. Below I am pointing out some issues/ problems and inconsistency on that page that could be improved.

  1. Attachment Issue

We all know that buyers can add multiple files/attachments to their job posts. But as a seller, we can see only one attachment/file in the web version, but it is okay in the mobile app version. So this is an inconsistency in platform wise. The web version should also show all the attachments added by buyers. Fiverr should fix this immediately because it is essential to check all the files attached by a buyer before placing a bid on his post.

  1. Username

We can see the usernames of the buyers in the mobile app version but not in the web version. I don’t know why Fiverr did this. If they want to remove username, then they should remove it from both platforms. Sometimes username helps the seller to address the client on their job proposals. For example, if a username is something like “Johndoe”, then we can easily guess the buyer’s first name is John and address it in greetings of the proposals.

  1. Misunderstanding of Buyer Request sections.

Most of the time, we all see that the new sellers are offering their services in the buyer request page. I think this happens due to a misunderstanding. The sellers may believe that this area is for posting their services. A simple name change can remove this misunderstanding. Instead of “Post a Request” naming it something like “Post a Project.” would be helpful.

  1. Line breaks of the text

Suppose a buyer posted a text like:

I need a web developer.

Fiverr web version is showing the text like “Hi, I need a web developer. Thanks”
That means web versions remove the line breaks. I found this so funny problem. This is an easy fix by CSS. I think “white-space: pre-line” CSS property can fix this problem.

That’s all for now.

Fiverr team should take a look at those issues and take necessary steps.

Let me know what you think about this post.

Lokman Hossain

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