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Help to get my first order please


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Hello, by seeing your links I noticed that you are a fairly new member to the community and to Fiverr in general.
After watching your links I found some critical mistakes which I will list down bellow:

  • A crucial mistake that everyone makes at the begining is creating too many blogs. Yes Fiverr gives new sellers the opportunity to crate 7 Gigs, but you should always start with 1-2 and spend a lot of time on managing and making them successful so in the future you can add more easier.
  • Poor writing and grammar is something i noticed on your Gig. The description was bland and gave no proper information for your work. Descriptions lacking words will result on fewer sales. A great description should have no grammatical errors because Descriptions are one of the most important things which represent gigs.
  • Another REALLY critical mistake you have done in your Gigs has to do with the description of the pricing. When a customer wants to buy something on Fiverr they will mostly look at what you’re selling and when deciding for a gig to buy they will chose the gig that gives them the most, a thing that you don’t really show on your pricing description.
  • You should use Caps correctly and not abuse with them. I noticed that in one of the Gigs you used a really high amount of Caps. Caps should only be used when needed and the for no other purposes.

Personal Tip, when you say that your English is fluent then you should stand up to that statement. I would recommend for your gigs to be written on a language you know, to attract people that speak the same language as you, because I noticed many problems with the pronunciation and grammatical errors in the way you talk.

-Have a good day

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