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If you want to know how to calculate the fiverr rating, then read this

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Hello this is qamarrasool6,
If you want to know how to calculate your Fiverr rating algorithm, then you are on the right place
Let me show you, how you can calculate,
Sum of all the rating (scores you got) divided by the total reviews …
For example, if you have 18 5* then 4*, 4.3*, 1.3* so we will add them …
18x5=90 (18 reviews)
4.3+4+1.3 =9.6 ( 3 reviews)
Sum of rating we get 90+9.6=99.6 divided by the total number of review which is 18+3=21 …so
99.6/21 =4.74 means you will have 4.7*
Hope you get it

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A math whiz wrote this explanation about how to calculate ratings:

I’m not sure if the topic belongs to this category. If not, please feel free to move it to the correspong one wink As everyone knows, the Forum is full of posts about users seeking advice on whether to cancel orders or not (which would most probably lead to a poor/bad rating) and users suggesting them what to do, disregarding special circumstances surrounding those who seek and normally encouraging into taking the bad review. For this reason, I thought of writing something that might come in…
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Let us say you got 3 reviews:

3 stars

4.7 stars

5 stars

12.7 total stars

Divide 12.7 by 3 total reviews (using calculator on my laptop)

You get 4.233 which would probably be shown on fiverr as 4.2 stars. Or maybe 4 stars.

No it will be 4.2 … Because now its 4.233 so if we round of the next number, we will get 4.2 … And if you have suppose 4.255 then your rating will be 4.3 because then number which is above the 5 will be added to the previous number (2)

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