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Tips on Buyer Requests as a new seller

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Re-read the thread from the beginning. Buyer requests are not worth you time. Don’t worry too much about them, it’s not productive. Go there and bid on just the ones where you think you can do a great job and the value makes sense, etc. It will be one or two per day max.

I am really happy when I see that I am helping new people

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Hello, yes i can share them and tell my favorites from the bunch.

I took a look at everybody not only the new sellers, but even others though in the end i decided to stick with only accepting the offer of new sellers.I noticed that Level 1 sellers mostly had a template which they would use for their Offers, they would start with why i would want to accept their offer, but telling us why they would be good for the job in a really standard manner and then just giving some Copy&Paste showing their skills. Being honest that is completely okay with me and i totally accept the dedication to even read for 2 mins what others are writing.

Now for the most important part. I looked at all new sellers and picked 13 of my favorites. The only thing I’d say makes them better is that they carefully read what i asked on my Request and did something really close to the standard template, but explained better why they should be chosen and actually gave some examples of their work which i think is perfect if you are a New Seller, since it is hard for new sellers to get accepted from the Requester and some proof of their past work really settles people and gives more trust to them. Yes, not all of them followed this template for example particular person made a request with 1000 words which i think its a bit much, but still genuinely caring about a job really makes me happy.

The conclusion of this reply is:

Buyer Requests are great for starting out, since the first couple of sales are easier to be made there.

Making a buyer request should consist of the content they want replied to them and why you should be chosen yourself in <300 words. You could add some proof of your work if you had no past sales and do it consistently, but not in a spammy way.

-Hope you have a good day 🙂

Thanks @marinm_services, quite useful tips

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Really good sellers rarely go on the buyer requests, since they get organic orders. Most buyer requests are so bad anyway that the only strategy that makes sense is the shotgun approach, and for that to work it has to be a copy and paste job. You can’t expect anyone to spend a lot of time replying to buyer requests when they are mostly priced at $5 or $10. It eats into the bottom line.

Those results are entirely expected.

Really good sellers rarely go on the buyer requests, since they get organic orders.

I went to buyer requests about 2 weeks ago. I feel its important to mix with everything on Fiverr. I sent in an offer that was totally reasonable, well written and in my expertise but I never even got a response. It would be great for “buyers request” to send even a brief “thank you but no thank you” to those who really make an effort to seek out new business. I was disappointed and it felt like an empty experience. Oh well…I tried.

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