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Let's stop this!

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Hi guys,

I joined Fiverr recently because our whole country is in lockdown mode, so no more going to office and all that day job. Thought give this a try while I stay home safe.

I read some topics here; most of them are people asking question and sharing their experiences about how their gigs went down and how they are not getting any new orders.

Don’t get discouraged and give up people. Take me for an example, getting into Fiverr knowing numbers and sales are going down, but still wanting to try out new things and make new connections. Let’s keep this alive until we win this corona fight TOGETHER.

STAYING HOME is the best way to stop this pandemic. Then we all can get back to our normal lives back again very soon. Always take the necessary steps recommended by doctors.

  • Wash your hands with soap frequently
  • Keep distance from others at least one meter
  • Don’t go out in public
  • Always wear a mask when you go out

These are just the very basic steps to stop this virus spreading. If we do that, we should be able to get our lives back and more work. Yeeei.

Feel free to share your experiences around this current situation.
Let’s get to know how the Fiverr world is facing this virus and how we can help to stop this.

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