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Happy Birthday Fiverr!


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Fiverr’s Birthday is at the end of February!

Since this is everyone’s celebration, we want to create a video of the community singing ‘Happy Birthday’.

If you want to participate simply film yourself singing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song (lyrics below).

'Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday FIVERR, Happy Birthday to you!'

Please make sure the video is high quality. Send it to social@fiverr.com.

Don’t forget to include your username in the email, so we can include it in the video.

Looking forward to sharing the celebrations with you all!!

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well good birthday for you guys on charging us 20%

good for being non-responsive . good for being biased . good for not listening sellers. good for making us vunerable to abuse/blackmail from buyers.

good for being narrow-minded . good for being act like leeches.

good for being biased .

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