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Please my gig is on the first page but am not getting orders


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Hello people,
I am so devastated right now. 😞
I am a new Seller.
I created my gig few months ago and I have added a gig video.
My gig impressions and views have increased have dropped.
Now, one of my gigs that was on the first page has suddenly disappeared from searches. 😢
When I am online and search for people online in my niche using the particular keyword I was ranking for before, I no longer find my gig.

Consequently, I have gotten no order for over two weeks now?

I really don’t know what the problem is.

Is it that my gig description is not catchy and compelling?
Or there are errors in them or my profile and gigs don’t look professional?:thinking:

Please i would like you guys to visit my gig and give suggestions.
May be there is something I am not doing right.

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Stay online and keep share your gig in social media

Stay online and keep share your gig in social media

The part when you say stay online i am okay with, but i do not know why, but if someone advises new sellers to Advertise their Gigs on social media, it is wrong. YOU should work for your gig and not try to spam it.

To be a successful Gig seller you should deserve it and not beg others to buy it from you

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