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Warning from fiverr because of revision delivery without attachment


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Hey there,

I am new to fiverr and just finished my first orders.
A buyer requested a custom order from me which I created without revisions. After delivery and 3 days of waiting, the buyer requested a revision (even if my custom order did not include a revision) and all he said was:

Hi there, thanks a lot, I’ll provide you with the feedback tomorrow on what needs to be edited and corrected 🙂

Fiverr showed me a big red “LATE” and I contacted the support to get help as I didn’t know what to do. I read in the community that I should just redeliver without attachment if the buyer does not get back to me.

Fiverr was showing me that I have to redeliver within 12 hours so I got back to the buyer and asked him to please tell me what he would like to have changed. As this did not happen and I was close to reach the 12 hours, I redelivered the order without attachment and asked the buyer again what I have to edit.

Now the support reached back to me and gave me a warning because I delivered the order without attachment. The funny thing is that I reached out to the support because of this and that I don’t wanted to deliver without attachment but I didn’t see any change to do so was I was LATE and tried to avoid bad stats on my profile.

I know that a first warning doesn’t mean anything bad and I also know now that it does not count towards my stats but this wasn’t clear before and it’s not about the warning but more about the fact that I got a warning because I kind of got forced from fiverr to deliver my order without attachment.

The support says that it was against the TOS to deliver without attachment, but it is ok that the buyer opens a revision request without requirements?

It has now been 6 days after order delivery and the buyer still did not respond.
The support said I have to give the buyer 48 hours to respond (couldn’t find anything to that in the TOS) but what after? After that I am allowed to deliver again?

Things are unclear and not in the favor of the seller. I have this support ticket now escalated to a supervisor in hope that this person will understand me better. From reading here in the forum, I am not the only one having trouble understanding the revision system as a new user. How are we supposed to know that this will not count towards our stats?

I will keep that thread updated as soon as I receive an answer from the support.

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Once you delivered and the buyer request a revision, if you see late, don’t panic, it will be okay when you deliver the final work. You should not deliver without an attachment.

So at the end, the buyer just used the system to extend the time. He did not had any changes for me. However fiverr is still not removing the warning even tho the seller misused the revision system to extend the time …

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The buyer misused the revision feature, but you also (albeit accidentally) misused the delivery feature. Always always always include an attachment when you deliver. If the buyer misused the revision button, attach the work you have already completed and politely explain that they may not use the revision function fo extend the deadline.

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