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Advice: Lowering Mutual Cancellations and When Buyers Ask For Things Your Gig Does Not Offer


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Please add your comments below. Looking forward to your feedback on this information…

I see a lot of comments from sellers in this forum that buyers ask for things where the seller is not willing to provide in the offer. Dealing with these issues just makes us more experienced.


If possible, try to cater to the buyer and provide whatever they ask. I said “TRY” here, but if there are “certain” features that you do not intend to provide at all, follow these steps.

  1. Make sure it is clear in your gig description what you will provide the buyer, but also what you will NOT offer. If you fail to mention that you will not offer a particular perk, buyers could ask for it.

  2. In your Post order text, re-iterate what you will not deliver.

  3. If your gig does not cater to some topics like sex, destruction, government, etc, tell your buyers that in your description.

    Remember, if the seller does not tell the buyer what they won’t provide, it is the seller’s fault, not the buyers. Buyers cannot read a seller’s mind.


    Do you see a trend where buyers ask for the same things that you don’t offer? I do. You can easily parlay that into more money. Find out how to provide it and turn it into a gig extra. You WILL make money.

    Case in point: I currently offer a gig where I blog about a buyer’s website and then tweet it to my 30,000 Twitter followers. Some buyers told me they wanted me to tweet a certain day of the week and time. That’s a scheduled tweet. I turned it into a gig extra and now I make an extra $10 on any scheduled tweet. It really adds up folks!


    Mutual cancellations are your last resort, not a lifeboat. Do not overuse mutual cancellations as they could reflect your rating as a seller and noboby wants that.


    I will write another forum thread for this, but each gig needs a policy that you can attempt to implement to buyers. Of course, since buyers do currently have the upper hand on Fiverr (since the seller’s ratings are affected), you can break your own policy and to avoid a negative feedback or mutual cancellation, you may need to, but most sellers will at least see it and adhere to it.


    You can always have a gig extra that is like a melting pot. Use it for buyer requests that are not part of your regular gig delivery. Make it clear that you have one in your gig description. With a Melting Pot gig extra, explain in your gig description that buyers need to contact you first. You never know what kind of odd requests you will get that even YOU never though of offering.

    Bruce :">

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    Click on the word Discussions at the top of the forum. All topics flagged as Announcements will show at the top, and many of those are posts that still have very valuable comments in them. It’s a great way to read through very useful information quickly.

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Reply to @solow13: Hello Solow13, the best thing I do is constantly message the person. If you need the information from the buyer, they need to know about it and asking several times is fine.

The last resort is a mutual cancellation, but it is only a last resort. If worse comes to worse, send a message to customer support.

In your express gigs, make it clear to the buyer that you need specific information before they order. Say it in caps if you need to.

Bottom line: Any situation where the buyer holds up the sale needs desperate measures.

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I always seem to have a problem with buyers ordering from me without messaging me first. This usually results in me having to initiate mutual cancellation due to that either I don’t offer the service that they want or they expect a huge amount of work for $5.

My mutual cancellation rate is high but I am unable to fix this. Too many people order without reading my gigs. Sigh 😦

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The most annoying cancellations are the ones that result from orders that were not started in the first place. For instance, a buyer that made a purchase without prior message, and without submitting the information needed.

I messaged or nudged such buyers a few times, but on a few occasions they just messaged me on the order page that they had made a mistake, and that they did not need anything and would like their money back.

Just by saying that, they had started the order and the only way to give their money back, is by cancelling!

What can you do about that?

Well, Fiverr could make the ‘contact me’ button larger than the ‘Order Now’ button!

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Reply to @belgianwriter: They won’t do it. The large “Order Now” button almost guarantees that Fiverr will keep their money, since refunds becomes Fiverr credit and the only way to get around that is to open a Paypal dispute which will get your account banned. So Fiverr credit or adios. That’s fine with me.

What’s NOT fine is that the seller takes a hit for it. WHY???

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Reply to @cheezees: I agree with what @belgianwriter said.

However, I think that Fiverr should STILL keep their money and make the buyer lose theirs without a credit and the seller should not be penalized.

The only way for a buyer to get a credit is to make them prove that the deliver was defective by the seller and only then should the seller get penalized, but like @belgianwriter said, once the buyer starts the order, that’s it. It should go though without the seller getting hurt.

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Guest malaika9


I think that if a buyer ask you for something that you don’t offer but you still can do it, why not doing it? This is a 5$ gig that can lead you to have someone pay you 1000$ for the same project or another project once he is successful. Why do you sellers only think about making more then the 5$ fiverr instead of thinking about building a good relation with the buyer by providing him or her a good service. When I first register on this website I find a logo designer. She ws able to deliver me a service beyond my request. Now I only deal with her and is refering her to everybody I know. She is good and made as much changes as I was asking her, never complaining that I only gave her 5$. That is was service is about. So stop looking thinking about short term profit people

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