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My very first month on Fiverr! Ups and Downs


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I found out about Fiverr.com through an article about earning money online… yeah. Before reading this article, I thought that Fiverr was a logo designing tool, in the same way, that Wix is a website designer. That’s what YouTube ads lead me to believe.

Anyway, I didn’t expect it to work at all. I thought that I had no chance of getting a single order! But I signed up anyway. My phone number was rejected by the system several times, so I had to wait another 24 hours and use a different phone number to register. I honestly might have forgotten about this whole Fiverr thing. But I came back, registered myself and set up my gig with some self-made graphics. Basic.

I went to sleep and woke up the next day to a message! It was from a potential buyer but he never responded back. Later on that day, I got a message from someone else. And he ordered my $10 package! I was excited and quickly finished his work. He was very happy and even left a $5 tip.

The next day, I got another $10 order from someone else. I also completed his order and he too left a five-star review. The next day was when things really started taking off. I was now getting a few messages every day and got 4 orders in a day. What followed can only be described as H E L L. I wasn’t expecting to work 6 hours per day.

I realised that while I might be able to complete one or two small orders in a day, and a larger order in three days, this didn’t stick very well when I had two one-day orders, a two-day order and a three-day order. But I pulled through and delivered all of the orders on time. I did not learn my lesson with delivery times. I repeated the same mistake. Twice.

Now I’ve been a seller for just over a month and l have completed 22 orders, got 15 5* reviews and 1 4* review and earned over $330. I hope to further increase this number this month, but also not push myself too hard. Thanks for reading this.

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That is a great approach to have. The sensible people learn from mistakes in life.

Fiverr gives us the opportunity to control the maximum number of active orders we’re prepared to accept, and as individual sellers we are empowered to set the delivery time. It sounds like you’ve found a balance that works for you.

I used to offer a 24 hour service but it simply led to more problems than I was prepared to accept. I found that clients who want a quick turnaround were unwilling to pay a premium for a quick service, they tended to be less understanding, far more demanding, and more likely to either leave no feedback or low feedback.

Whereas the clients who are happy with a three day turnaround tend to be more considered, they’re happy to pay a fair price, and they tend to be nice people! Yes, that’s a huge generalisation - but I will never offer a 24 hour service again.

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