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Buyer-requests issue

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i am having issue in buyer requests its been 4 days i just got 2 to 3 requests and that are not even related to the services that i provide. i remove the requests and after refreshing page several times same requests appear again. i usually got lots of buyer requests and never experience this that is happening to me now a days whats the issue behind this??

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Muneeba, I am also facing the same issue. And I emailed the fiverr srevice team. When I will receive the email I will tell you the answer from them.

This is the email, I have received from the customer help platform.

Hi Muhammad!

I understand how important this is to you, so I will be happy to assist you.

I checked into this for you, and at the moment, it does not appear that there is an issue with the Buyer Request feature. Trying to your clear cache and cookies may sometimes help, but if you still don’t see any requests, there are two factors that you should keep in mind:

One is that our relevant team carefully reviews each request and periodically releases them to the Buyer Request area for sellers. We kindly ask you to check back every once in a while for an update on these requests.

The second is that the buyer request feature is dependent on the buyers. If buyers are not submitting requests to your category, you will receive fewer requests than usual.

Also, I see that you are currently an unleveled seller. Please know that every buyer request has a limit of 10 unleveled seller offers before they are removed from sellers’ views. This also has an effect on the number of offers you can see.

To maximize the potential of the feature I would kindly ask you to check back every once in a while for an update on these requests, and if available, send offers to your buyers.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

Kind regards,

And I have replied that the same situation is facing by me and this is true.

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