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Gig denied for second time. While they follow the guidelines


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So my explanation, since I am not getting a serious response from the ‘Fiverr-support team’.

I am social media marketer that offers Instagram, Facebook & Tiktok growth services that are based on manually interaction that I will be doing myself on my clients accounts that leads to > organic growth.

My gig got denied for the second time, while it follows fiverr guidelines & rules

I made a mistake by writing my first gigs (Instagram & Tiktok) description wrong, that made Fiverr think I was using any third-party tools / apps, that’s why my first gigs got instantly removed after I had 4, 5-star reviews. So I had to deal with that, and created this, two new gigs.

so I created these two gigs again, by clearly writing my gig packages & gig description:


3 Days ago I saw Fiverr’s editorial team handpicked my gigs and gave me the ‘Rising Star-Badge’ For these gigs (services).

So yesterday I woke up, checked my Fiverr and saw that my gigs in-stately got removed (on a Sunday?). What seems to me this happend automatically? The reason what the information ‘why’ it got removed was telling me that I was using third-party apps? Which made me really up-set, since they do not even know how much effort and work I put into these accounts, since I do everything by hand, myself, to secure safety for my clients and make sure I will be receiving target-related audience that are relevant for their business.

I reached out to costumer support and I told why and how this could happen for the second time. And they told me that I can’t promise ANY subscribers / followers / likes. This made me even more upset since my gig NEVER ever mentioned this, it clearly explains that I work on my clients account for 6 or 8 hours each day for a full month (this tells my gigs description as so for my gig packages. I never tell them how many likes or followers they can receive because it is really depending on their niche / quality of content - consistency of posting etc.

So why did my gig got denied? There is nothing truth or right that what their support center are telling to me. Because my gig does NOT even tells that my clients will receive an X amount of followers/likes or subscribers. Its only telling clearly how many hours I will be managing and promoting their account per day, for 31 days (monthly).

Since their ‘editorial-team’ handpicked my gig, I would of can tell that they saw what my gigs were about, otherwise they wouldn’t choose promoting it or giving me the ‘rising-star’ badge?

I’ve had an enormously explanation, and I will receive from a dude called ‘Avi’ is: " have provided you with an explanation. You can not state you promise any type of followers,likes or subscribers. You are welcome to open a new gig following the guidelines specified. That gig will remain denied, and the decision is final."

I am like dude, seriously? I have been explaining in depth what is going on, and I am receiving the same message from you, like you mentioned to me this morning. That isn’t the case at all what is happening. Also I received a second warning from Fiverr, so IF I make another gig (for the third time), that I explains my service again by telling of what I provide: Instagram & Tiktok marketing based on the amount of hours I will be working on their account per day, should be wrong again, that would of course make my account suspend, because of this reason it made my second gig denied again without giving me the opportunity to modify it, and besides that, I didn’t even need to modify it, because it tells clearly what I do, and I do not promise anything about an estimation of result.

So I am very insecure what’s going to happen next if I make a another ‘new’ gig since I have the ‘second warning’ this would mean I would create a new gig, that also tell people what I am going to do > work on their account for several hours a day, and it will get removed again and my account will get suspended. Like I mentioned above…

I think this is very unjustified, and especially because they do not give a substantive answer at all, I just feel therefore not taken seriously at all.

So I am clearly repeating again:

My service does not promise any amount of subscribers / followers. It says: BASIC PACKAGE: I WILL BE WORKING ON YOUR ACCOUNT FOR ‘6’HOURS PER DAY.


So I really do not understand your reply. Get into depth with me. Because there is no reason of getting my gigs denied. Since I am not promising any amount of followers / likes. I am totally explaining what the gig is about and that is that I will work on the account for so many several hours per day.

Just the same thing your are doing at the customer service at fiverr. You are working for several hours a day.

Also I can’t think that my service got manually deleted because I do not think Fiverr is available on a ‘Sunday’ that made me got my gigs removed…

Can someone look into this and give me further explanation or pass this on to an investigation team?

I really hope I get an in-depth, explanation & answer on this.


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