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When buyers request extra things?


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I have a buyer who contacted me asking if I’d make a video on how to tell if you boyfriend is a good catch- which is similar to one of my gigs. After he bought my gig, he sent a script where the entire last paragraph is advertising for [fragglesrock - generic adult site]! I’m not sure I’m comfortable reading that on video for the internet! That makes me a spokesperson for that site, and that’s not something I want me name/face linked to. I messaged him back letting him know my concerns, but is there a way to cancel this transaction before it occurs without receiving a bad rating for it?! Ahh help.

Sheriff’s note: Site name removed since outside links not allowed on site. ‘Adult site’ is sufficient for the purposes of this discussion

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Yes, I had a simliar situation where buyer wanted me to do more than what my gig offered…but the difference was… he asked it after I had delivered. So, it ended up with “thumbs down” …without any clarification 😦

The next time when I had a similar situation… except that delivery was yet to be made…I cancelled it. You see, your ratings would be down , whether you cancel it or you get a bad feedback; but the first option is the better one, if you have no third option to choose from.

And you won’t get rated for a cancelled job. So, its relatively safer as well (no work to be done, and no negative feedback).

Hope it helps …

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I have had buyers ask for all types of extras and as @Madmoo said, you do have a right to refuse the order with a risk of your ratings, but you can do a few things to prevent these things from happening:

Make sure you add these things to your gig description:

  1. Make sure it is clear in your gig description what you will provide the buyer, but also what you will Not offer. If you fail to mention that you will not offer a particular perk, buyers could ask for it.

  2. In your Post order text, re-iterate what you will not deliver.

  3. If your gig does not cater to some topics like sex, destruction, government, etc, tell your buyers that in your description.

    I hope this helps,

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