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Had a gig running great...until it was suspended


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First of all, thank you ALL for the wonderful tips and such on this forum. I can’t even count how many hours I’ve spent lurking through the “Tips for Sellers” page.

So I had a gig up that offered reviews for Amazon/Google reviews. I linked my roommates’ Fiverr pages on there after having the gig up for about 1.5 months so that my customers would see their Fiverr pages too. Shortly after posting their pages, Fiverr suspended the gig. Okay, that’s fine. NBD.

During the time that I had that gig up and active (~early October-early December), I was getting a LOT of gigs. So many that sometimes it was hard for me to keep up with. My customers were always okay with it though because I would offer extras for free because my gig was an hour or so late from time to time.

My gig was suspended, so I fixed things and made a new gig with the same offers. Since then, business for me has slowed down dramatically. I’m not looking for tips on how to get loads of sellers again - I just want to know why there was such a dramatic decline in customers. It didn’t take long for me to get a whole bunch of customers when I first posted the first Amazon/Google review gig, but now I’m getting a gig or two about once a week.

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My guess is that one of three things is happening. Neither are necessarily exclusive of the other.

  1. First, it could be that your performance has automatically resulted in you falling down the listings somewhat. This is automated and they don’t explain the rules to providers, but you mention being ‘late from time to time’, which certainly could trigger this.

  2. When a gig is removed from active, I’ve read things to the effect that you lose your good place in the rankings as well. This has impacted some people when they voluntarily paused their gigs, let alone a suspension. So this could be an explanation as well.

  3. Finally, it could be just that the proliferation of providers has not left you in a good place. There are -tons- of people adding gigs to this site everyday. You’re aren’t that unique, and you don’t have enough volume to justify your placement alongside of others who offer the same services but have 100x more reviews than you do.

    Probably some combination of those 3 factors I would guess.

    I believe to fix causes #1 and #2 all you have to do is continue to provide good service and you will naturally regain some of your ranking over time; as for #3, all you can really do is hang in there and hope that you eventually get enough reviews where people start going straight for you out of the crowd of possible choices (which happens, ask a TRS).

    Hope that helps.
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