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The buyer is trying to fake a refund

Guest wpdesignerbuddy

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Guest wpdesignerbuddy

Hi there ! I am Wp Designer Buddy and I have a very bad experience on Fiverr. One of my buyer was tried to fake a refund.

  • It was a whmcs web design order.

First he placed the order, Asked me to add produtcs for me… as he asked I did it. He took 2 days to review the website. After two days I saw he applied a cancellation, When I asked him why? what’s wrong ?
He simple said that I have delete the website and there is nothing …and I never delivered the order.

Well yah ! After this I contact fiverr, I told everything and in reply Fiverr support said that “Fiverr has no option to demand of any buyer to accept the delivery if they are not satisfied with it. In such situations, it is the best option to continue communicating with your buyer and try to find a mutual solution. Feel free to ask them for a list of the changes they need in the order. so that you can make a successful delivery. I also suggest you explain clearly to them what causes the errors.”

After this Fiverr refund the buyer, Downgrade my ratings, downgrade my profile … and When I check back the website after 3 days, wow it’s there, The buyer was using the website… THE WEBSITE THAT I HAVE DESIGNED FOR HIM AND FIVERR HAS REFUND HIM

This is just WOW. I am leaving fiverr … Not because of the buyer… I am leaving fiverr beacuse of FIVERR 1 side SUPPORT …

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