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Seller wont cancel!


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so i ordered a gig with a seller who is a web developer, i explained to him that i want a unique website and gave him some ideas and sent him my logo and some products - i told him i want a specific website.

after, i learnt that this seller didn’t understand my concept and my idea of how i wanted my website.

so before he even started his work, i told him i dont want his service and i would like him to cancel the order since i had sent a cancelation request to him.

he kept canceling the canceling request and was telling me he could do what i wanted etc etc. so again i told him i dont want his service and i dont want him to do my website, however, he consisted that he knows what i want.

so i told him instead of shopify, i want my store on wix he said that he charges more for wix web development.

so he continued to edit my shopify (which i wasn’t aware of because i had clearly made the descion that i dont want him to edit my website or work with me)

so again i told him i want my order cancel. he keps on declining the request to cancel.

so the seller now believes that i want his service free becuase he edited the shopify version of my website and i told him i have already started my OWN work on my wix website and that i made it clear to him a few days ago that i dont want him to work with me.

i have tired to go on fiverr’s ‘contact us’ but that is misleading as it doesn’t let me to contact them via chat/email/phone instead just asks me to pick some options and give no options to my case where the seller isn’t canceling the order!

can someone please contact the support team or an admin to come and please help me!

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No one can contact CS on your behalf.

You can either select one of the options the help centre gives you (the one that would be the most fitting to the cause), then describe the issue at hand, provide proof and wait for the reply. Or you can contact CS directly via support@fiverr.com. Describing the issue, providing proof and waiting for the reply for up to 48 hours will be required in this case as well.

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