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Hello, I hope it won't be that hard as they say


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Hello Danila,

Welcome here and wish you luck. I will be free to take little more space on your Topic and type you some advice. Hope it will help you more, to improve your Profile and GIGs.

  1. Use little time to write more detail Descriptions. I mean for profile and GIGs too. You need to give client as much as possible information. What you work, how you work, how fast you can do that.

  2. Try to make better Feature images. You added to much icons on one Image and that is not eye-catch solution.

  3. Sue time to type text which is SEO ready. Find the best keywords for your GIG, and input them in GIG Title, Description and Tag.

  4. Share your GIGs daily on Social Media and also send offers to Buyer Requests daily.

If you have any question or need more help, don’t hesitate to write me in inbox.

And yes, it could looks difficult on start, but you will like Fiverr more and more as time go. 🙂


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Hi all i’m just getting back into Fiverr again after a long break. My name is Brandon and i’d be happy to help you in any way that my skill sets allow 😀 I convert files, record voice-overs, edit scripts and even provide workout videos. I am a certified Pilates Instructor as well as holding down 3 degrees in the Arts. Hope you’re all having a great day

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Welcome to the cool community.

As you said it won’t be that hard as they say but it won’t be easy as we thought, 😨
There’re lots of things involved to get success. Beside quality gigs and good communication skills and other important aspects, i found luck is important things as well to make things easy. And now in this pandemic situation everything isn’t as easy as like before for being successful in every sector 😐

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Guest fibocci

Fibocci ?..reminds me of the sacred spiral… 💖…Or are you a tool fan ?..lol

Anyways welcome folks…Its tough but there are ways to make through it faster !

This spiral isn’t related to them, but I am a Tool fan.

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