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First order done with 5-star ratings


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Happy Ramadan Mubarak ❤️

I’m Razu Ahammad, a web designer and Wordpress expert.

After a long time,
Finally I complete my first order with 5-star ratings.
I’m so happy. 🙂
I want to thank my that client for giving me the opportunity to work with him and to make proper use of my skills.
I’m active in Fiverr for more than 18 hours and send buyer request regularly.
But no improvement.
Can anyone explain how to get more orders?

#Stay_Home #Stay_Safe

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Hey if you are active 18 hours a day on Fiverr then you sleep less than 6 hours a day.

More sleep = better concentration, better mood = great work = happy clients

You should really consider getting more sleep

Thank you brother for your good advice.

Okay, I either slept too much but if I don’t get a client then who will I give a good job to? 😀

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Congratulations brother. Well, don’t need to stay online for 18 hours though, like how others say, by taking a very good sleep, You might have a very good concentration also you will learn new more opportunities.


Thanks a lot, Brother. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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