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Delivery flagged as possible violation of terms of service


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hi everyone

this is my first ever forum post and i will ask this question.

i just delivered this order and it was supposedly flagged for possible violation of terms?

i haven’t written anything illegal i basically write fictional stories and i was following basically what the customer asked me to write.
this is the first time it has happened to me and i am quite scared to be honest.
i have followed all the rules set forth by fiverr so this is the first time it’s happening. i’m really worried

will it be okay?

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It is possible that sometimes some words like “pay”, “payment”, “contact”, “talk” “communicate” etc might cause the system to assume that you intend to work with a user outside Fiverr while you don’t have such an intention. I have seen these words appear in red letters some years ago.

But in case you have a problem with the delivery, it is best to contact customer support.

all the best

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