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We are Confused - Need Advice


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So, we will be more clear to understand what kind of situation we are now.

The buyer order the gig and we’ve delivered. Then He asked one revision and of course, we’ve done it.
Anyway, after we have delivered the modified work, he sent again revision request and said: “there no revision, we are unsatisfied with the result” (it’s okay, we understand that no one can make every buyer happier).

So, now the order is active under the revision, and the buyer said that’s all. So, what should we do in this matter? If the order will active, under the revision, and will stay as it is now, will this affect somehow on our profile?!

P.s Honestly, cancel the order is not a good option for us, because we have made everything as was described in the order and as it is described inside our gig. If the order will cancel, it will hurt our gig and profile and we understand this. We are were confused. So, any advice?! Thank you

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I think first you should talk to the customer services of Fiverr and tell them the whole story. But I think the order will be cancel, because if the client is not happy with the work, then there is nothing to do.

Yes before the write support, we prefered to post here for advice

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