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Order Page should be as flexible with the drag and drop files just as in Inbox

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I’ve run with multiple clients where they just drop the order page chat and we have communication through my Inbox to get on with the order
Why? because we have to constantly send and receive images, it may seem a little step but in reality it’s not when you have to do it multiple times.
So, in the inbox, I can simply paste an image directly from my clipboard (I don’t even have to save the image in my computer), whereas in the order page chat I have to manually search for a saved image, same with files, I can’t just paste the images or drag and drop files in the order page chat versus the inbox chat.
I think this must be enhanced in order to have all the conversation within the order page, but as I mentioned, it is currently easy through the inbox, just because it allows drag and drop files and pasting images from the clipboard

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