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Honeymooners Fans: Need honeymooners episode ideas for Twitter profile


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If you were a big fan of the Honeymooners like me, there is a Twitter profile that tweets episodes from the Honeymooners as if they were on the air today. Really Funny. @HoneymoonersNow on Twitter.

What modern Honeymooners episode ideas do you have (in less than 140 characters)?


Norton tries out for American Idol & impresses Simon Cowell with Swanee River. Susan Boyle invites him to perform it w/her in England.

Ralph Kramden talks Norton into selling the Handy Housewife Helpers on QVC, but the host cracks up saying "It will Core A Apple"

Ralph Kramden gets starstuck when Justin Bieber walks onto his bus and schemes to get hired as his limo driver. #thehoneymooners

What can you come up with?

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