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How to rank seo service gig ? help me


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Do you not see the irony of an SEO seller asking us for a recipe for ranking on Fiverr?

THERE IS no recipe and much of the algorithm is factors we can’t even control. And if someone knew it they wouldn’t give it away to their competitors, anyway… You should know that.

You don’t rank by doing tasks. No algorithm is programmed to rank people that way.

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You are an SEO service provider and you are asking people how to rank ?

He places backlinks, too, which doesn’t make him an SEO. It makes him a spammer. And he claims it is white hat but that’s black hat.

A proper backlink strategy entails only putting backlinks where they legitimately should go as part of the user experience, where people actually want to read them and they are in legit, relevant sources with permission. There is no way he is doing that. He probably has a list of places to plop links.

Most of these people just create websites so they can place a link or they spam website comment sections or they spam people by email asking them to post their links.

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