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Advice Please! Buyer placing incorrect orders


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Hey all,

I am a voice over artist and as such, my basic gig price is based on number of words to be spoken. There are also options for a range of addons that can be selected (High Quality WAV format, Music added, commercial / broadcast usage rights etc).

I have just had an order placed from a buyer, who has ordered the standard 50 word gig, with zero addons. He has now sent the requirements through, which include:

  1. A 70 word script, (not 50 words as he had ordered)
  2. A commercial script to record for radio broadcast (with no broadcast rights added)
  3. A link to a YouTube video of a competitors advert, asking me to ‘use the same music from this video’, with no music addon purchased, or any rights / licence to use the music he has linked me to.

I have responded to point all of this out and let him him no that if he want to proceed, I will need to send a revised offer with the addons, however I am 95% sure he will just want to cancel the order.

However, this will negatively effect my stats and order completion rate, through no fault of my own. I know this as I had an older account 12 months ago which was affected in the same way. Fiverr support told me there was nothing that could be done about this, and the ‘non-completed order’ stat would stand against me. Shortly after that my gig impressions dropped to zero and I ended up closing my account for good.

Surely this is not right. Has anyone else had a similar experience with buyers placing order for the wrong / a minimum package, and then asking for everything you offer in a premium listing? How have you dealt with the issue?

Thanks in advance!

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I had this happen a few days ago. I let the buyer know that what they ordered was incorrect (something I didn’t even offer) and we mutually agreed to cancel the order. (You can do this in the Resolution Center on the order.)

After the order was cancelled, my “Delivered on Time” went down quite a bit, but it was a temporary thing. By the time Fiverr Support got back with me, my percentage had gone back up to 100%.

If the buyer doesn’t agree to mutually cancel, I would contact Support and let them know you want to cancel the order and why. They should be able to help you out.

I wish you the best of luck with this!

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Guest humanissocial

Don’t to do an order with a sketchy person just to protect your stats.

Stats are meaningless if you’re letting people scam or exploit you. Easier to recover from a cancellation than a scam.

Don’t let people take advantage of you. Ever.

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Sadly this is the reality of working through a marketplace like Fiverr. On the one hand it delivers clients to us on a plate. But on the other hand, a small number of individuals (and it is a small number) choose to abuse it.

If after messaging your buyer (which is exactly what I would have done) he choses to cancel, then as annoying as it is you will have to take it on the chin and move on. Yes, your stats might be temporarily affected for a few days / week or so (I’ve had this before) - but the situation will soon correct itself.

It’s easy for me to say this of course, but have some pride in the service you offer. People like this buyer need shouting down. You will only hate yourself if you give in to his abusive ways - and they ARE abusive.

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