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Poor site performance

Guest kirilo

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This was my first time using Fiverr for my projects. I like the concept but the site performance was absolutely atrocious. I’m talking about 30+ seconds for each page load. I’m not sure what CDN you’re using but they don’t deserve to be called a CDN.

I’m in Thailand on a 20Mb connection and actually get those speed for most international websites but not on Fiverr.

Here are a few more impressions after the first use in no particular order.

  1. What is the reason to limit the number of available for purchase gigs to 8? Some projects require more than that. Seems arbitrary and unnecessary.
  2. Where can i check my gig requests? I would expect there to be a menu for my gig requests next to the inbox.
  3. Why is it so difficult to provide site feedback? I understand that you want to filter out support requests that have already been answered but i had to search around under support to try to find contact us form to no avail. Even if you decided to channel all of the feedback to the forums you still need to have a contact us page explaining that fact.
  4. Overall the workflow of the site feels confusing. Yes i could have spent the time to read your FAQs to learn how to do things but really the interface should have walked me through the most common use cases without requiring reading help files.
  5. Gig terms flexibility seems to be lacking. For example the seller and I agreed that the work will take a bit longer than originally expected. A very common situation but there’s no way to adjust the delivery time so i had to put up with the constant warnings that the job is late.
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