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Unable to respond to buyer’s review via mobile app - iOS


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Hello all,

Hope you’re all staying safe?

For about a month now I have been unable to respond to buyer’s review via Fiverr mobile app for iPhone.

Just incase someone is curious, my iOS is up to date and my Fiverr app as well is up to date.

Whenever a client leaves a feedback, I’m notified and then I have to rate them and leave my own review as is the norm before I can see the client’s review but I never get an option to respond to the client’s review on my mobile app.

I’m only able to respond when I use the web version of Fiverr on my laptop.

I have reached out to a friend who is also a seller on Fiverr and uses an iPhone as well, and he is also experiencing the same thing.

I thought this was just a bug that would last a few hours, at most a few days before it gets fixed but right now it’s been over a month and I’m still unable to respond to buyer’s review using the Fiverr app on my iPhone.

Is any other person experiencing this?

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