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Close loophole for sellers sending an "order completed" email - but not completing the job


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I placed two orders with 'fragglesrock’

However he has found a loophole - a way to rort the system…

He sent me an email with “order is completed” (but nothing attached/ job not done ) - asking instead for a time extension. Which I agree to. But no work has been delivered after 12 days (job 1) and 10 days (job 2)…

The buyer has no control once the seller has posted a “job completed” notice.

There’s no way to resolve/ re-open the issue once the “order completed” and due date has passed. This loophole needs to be fixed.

… not good for Fiverr’s reputation.

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Yes. There is a way. Contact us customer support and submit a ticket to report the seller. It is against the terms of service to deliver empty gigs when a file should be attached. What the seller did was unethical and I am sorry this happened to you. There are many other excellent sellers out there. 🙂

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