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A "Request Motification" opition for Sellers for orders


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As sellers, we’ve all had it happen to us: A buyer places an order but does so incorrectly (with the order requiring gig extras to complete the work) or the buyer ignores your “buyer instructions” and doesn’t provide the required information that we, the sellers need to complete the order. So, the now the waiting game begins… as the clock ticks down, you’re left waiting on the buyer to respond to your many messages requesting the required material or revisions to the order.

Days may go buy and you’re still left hanging with no reply and now (like many sellers, even Top Rated Sellers) you’re faced with some not-so-great options come deadline time:

a) Mutual cancellation:Of course, this negatively affects your ratio, ratings, and puts you at risk of losing your level due to buyers’ neglect. Now you’re up to a 2-day waiting game. If the buyer instantly cancels, you’re now wondering why they responded so quickly to the cancellation but not your messages to get the required information to complete the order. If they decline, you’re still racing against the clock, and now the order may be potentially late.

b) Delivering ‘half-delivered’ work: I’ve heard about sellers doing this before. This approach not only cost more time and work than what’s actually required, but it puts you, the seller at risk of a negative rating and the headache that goes along with getting the issue resolved (having the order by canceled anyways, or worse - having the buyer bully you include required Gig extras for free). It’s a lose-lose for most cases.

c) Forced cancellation: Again, this hurts your ratio and rating and puts you at risk of losing your level due to buyer’s negligence. It’s not the sellers fault the buyer placed an order and won’t respond, but no matter the reason the seller takes the hit. Which affects sales - and Fiverr makes less revenue as a result.

I’ve experienced several of these scenarios multiple times. It makes me wonder - Why don’t sellers get the same option of “Request Modification” as the buyers do? It’s only fair. This should stop the clock on the pending order until the buyer responds with specific information that will help fix whatever issues there may be. This will not only help prevent potentially thousands of order cancellations, but it will alleviate much of the headache that sellers deal with when buyers fail to read the Gig description and order accordingly to what the sellers clearly advertise.

The policy would be like the buyer’s here: http://support.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/200051156-How-to-make-sure-you-get-what-you-paid-for but essentially in reverse.

But with just a few exchanges or words from “sellers” to “buyer” (see bold text in following example policy) Fiverr could put in place a policy that would help create a more fair and balanced working atmosphere for everyone.

An example of the policy would be as follows:

“The buyer ordered but it’s either: not what I advertise / not correct / buyer instructions were not fulfilled as requested.

As a seller, you have the option to reject orders that do not meet the Gig’s description as advertised by you, the seller. When you reject an order, your buyer is given a chance to fix the problem, provide revisions by purchasing the required Gig extras, or re-deliver the required material requested based on your buyers instructions. If the buyer fails to respond to the rejection in time, you will be entitled to cancel the order so that it will not have a negative effect on your ratio or ratings. To do that, click on the ‘Request A Modifications’ button in the Green feedback box while the order is currently pending. This will stop the clock and allow the buyers to provide the required revisions.”

I believe this is a fair solution to the ongoing issue and would be extremely effective. The immediate result would lead to an increase in sales and a decrease in support tickets - as Customer Support wouldn’t have to deal with so much back and forth due to the lack of control sellers currently have.

If you’re in on this suggestion, please leave a comment below. I will be sending this to Fiverr for consideration. I think this is honestly a great solution, and I hope other sellers feel the same way! 🙂

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I get so irritated reading posts like this. (No, I’m not mad at you 🙂 )

It’s because I still cannot believe that Fiverr punishes us sellers for the errors of buyers. Who in the world approved that? So someone ordered in error and you punish the person who had no part in it? REALLY??? REALLY??? Who agreed that that was a good idea and the RIGHT thing to do?

Why are they acting like a confirmation button is so difficult to implement? This has been a long-standing complaint.

The seller surely loses if they MUST cancel because the buyer did to provide proper instructions, or as you said, the seller does partial work and opens themselves up to unwarranted negative feedback.

Really, what is better? Negative feedback or damage to your ratings/levels?

I say, neither!

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