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Some clarification needed as a New User


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Hai everyone,

I am a new user of Fiverr. I had created two gigs for the service i provide. As me being a new user I have some questions which i need clarification on

  1. I have created two gigs and been promoting it to the maximum level. Till now I have not received single order. Can someone tell me more useful way to start getting orders?

  2. I have read the topic explaining what is Impression, clicks and views. I would like to know how good number of impression,clicks and views help us in getting order. Is it like gigs with good impression,clicks and views will be shown in top listing in search?

  3. What is this buyer request all about? I never seen a buying request under its tab. Can someone tell me how to get buyer requests?

  4. Is it allowed to publish my gig link in this fiverr forum as part of promotion?

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