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Had no buyer request for a week but now they suddenly showed up!


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Hi guy’s I’m just gonna share my experience here in fiverr and I have been waiting for request from the buyer request tab and finally I had several requests that are related to my gigs!

I don’t know if this works but I observe that as a new user here in fiverr, I only see requests on the same time period. So, I think I would advice you to check and always refresh your buyer request and note for the time because that might help. Try going back on buyer request at the time you had multiple buyer request from the past and check if requests will show up again. I know that as we stay longer and be successful in fiverr, we are going to have more requests from buyers and even orders that are not just based on the requests.

If you have any ideas or experienced the same thing, feel free to share it with me! 😃

It really takes courage and patience for us to be successful. Good luck to all of us freelancers!

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