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Buyer took the source files without ordering. Now what? Your Suggestions?

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One buyer took my almost 3 weeks and I worked for him without creating the order assuming that once I send him app he will order me, then he told me that he is unable to test because he want to test it on release build and he can’t share the key store file so I give him the source file he didn’t ordered me. It is so frustrating for me I have not been paid for so much of my time. I am planning to report him on fiverr, play store and admob as well after 15-20 days. What you people think about how can I give a copyright strike of work I have done with him.


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Never, ever, ever, ever deliver something without an order and only deliver via the delivery button. I wouldn’t submit without those things for even something that would be a 10 minute job but something that takes 3 weeks? Are you kidding me?

I’m sorry this happened to you but you are begging to get scammed and now Fiverr has no recourse to help you. It isn’t Fiverr’s fault you broke the ToS.

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And that’s exactly why you have to follow fiverr rules. They are there to protect you. And in this case without an order fiverr can’t do anything to protect you because you decided to ignore rules and work as you would like to not like platform suggests.
And it will be hard and painful lesson to learn for you.
You can contact other platforms and see if they can take down his app but it will be difficult to prove.

Read TOS, look at fiverr help page on how fiverr work and follow the rules from now on so you wouldn’t get yourself in this situation again.

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