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Fear not COVID19

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Pathologists and other associates infer that during these trying days do not panic much. Having taken all safety and hygiene measures, be rest assured that the immune systems do fight out doing their best. If you fear much there are secretions of hormones and so on ending up bringing down your immunity. There are groups vulnerable by age and others with one chronic illness or others like diabetes, hypertension and such others. There can be coexistence too. Everyone must have concern for those inflicted (maintain safe distance please other than medical personnel providing them needed medical treatment). Those who recovered will be under observation for the required period. Accept them as they were before as far as emotions are concerned. Geographical distance during post quarantine is implied. Man has his limitations. Humble yourselves. Natural situations/ calamity even diseases tough to find antidote remains as we are human with limitations. Be at peace with others. Nothing new just summarized!

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