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Tips for Writing the Perfect Proposal for Fiverr Buyer Request


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No, I’m not going to provide you any pre-made Fiverr buyer request templates to make the process easy & quick, if you think so.

Maybe that could work in early days of Fiverr when buyers were just discovering it, and there were less sellers available for the job. Things were easy, you must have heard it from some old sellers

However, things have changed now and it’s becoming hard to get the project that is why you’re here, Am I right?

It’s not only about you (Don’t Brag)

I’m a buyer, and I’m here to get MY tasks done here. You think I need to know how many buyers you have worked with before? Just tell me if you have experience with something similar to what I need.

In other words, instead of this:

“Hi, I’m a Web Developer who has worked with 287392 organizations since 2005 and many of my clients say that their experience with me has been great. I need to let you know that I have created 50 websites which I am going to enlist here for you to check.” (Just an example.)

Well it depends upon what type of buyer you are which includes:

  1. “I just need the job done man, I don’t care how much cash is spent.”
  2. “need the job done right now in X dollars. Fixed price.”
  3. “Met some CHEAP sellers who played me and now I’m angry. I need the job done, completely on time and only in $5!!!” (Worst position one could be in.)

Or “Hey, I’m just Pewdiepie, playing around to buy weird stuff and get my account banned.” (Just kidding, don’t take this one seriously)

Here are some set of rules if you want some serious buyer activity:

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