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Bug within the Requirements & FAQs


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I am a seller on Fiverr. One of the most annoying things on Fiverr, are Requirements and FAQs.
I get more experience and more questions every single week and I am updating my requirements and faqs regularly.
The thing that annoys me the most, is that when I am trying to edit requirements or faqs, it gives me other faq to edit. As of example, I want to edit “Example 1” (in requirements or faqs), but when I click edit, it shows me that I am editing “Example 2”. Not only this problem in Editing requirements and faqs, but it’s also a bug when I am trying to delete a requirement or faq and replace by another, it deletes even other requirements that I didn’t want to delete.
Please fix this, since the start of being a seller in fiverr, this is still the most common bug I hate the most.

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