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I'm Fezraa, New to Fiverr, Any Friends


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Agree with @cherboub

Buyers are looking for a professional service and everything you do should project that professionalism.

A fun type profile photo does not project that image.

Buyers will just move on to buy from someone else.

I unserstood and thank you <3

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2 minutes ago, fezraa said:

Is it possible to have 100% response rate when my average response rate in 4 hours please explain about it?

Your response rate is calculated based on how many messages you've responded to within the first 24 hours. 

If you respond to at least 90% of messages that come in, before 24 hours has passed, during the last 60 days, you'll have a 100% response rate. 

So yes - as long as you make sure to always respond to messages during the 24 first hours after it arrived, you will have a 100% response rate, even if your response time is 4 hours on average. 

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