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New Feature Request - Scroll to Top / Bottom

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It’s been such a pain on the order page. When you get a new message and you have to scroll all the way to down and then for one piece of information scroll all the way up. Fiverr has built few really cool features. So, my request as a TRS will be to give both buyer and sellers a function of scroll to top/bottom/middle or anything intuitive for the usage and saving tons of times.

Those who agree, support the thread so it’s been taken care of in the coming updates from fiverr 🙂

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I was going to start new topic but I searched instead 😃

I second this.

Scroll to top bottom on order page is necessary.

You could press the “Home” key to automatically go to the top of the order page and the “End” key to go to the bottom of it, in Chrome (and probably other browsers).

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