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Can i transfer money back to buyer using paypal


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Hello everyone,

Can i get advice on what to do please, i got an order from a buyer who sent me an After Effect project file and just wanted me to render a video he already created in After Effect. I did’nt have anything to do, but just to render and send the video back to him. i asked he if he used any plugins, and he said NO. So i rendered the video in about 40mins and send back to him. I did’nt get any response from him, and about 12hours later i got a cancellation dispute message from Fivver. He claims the quality of the video is not good. And i got talking with him and he latter said i don’t have a plugin he used in creating the project. Firstly can he withdraw the cancellation dispute, Secondly in trying to resolve the issue i agreed to give him back his money if he withdraws the dispute, can i trannfser it back to him using paypal which he suggested, and is that not against Fivver Policy. And lastly i found out that he’s also seller on Fivver so i suggested buying a gig so he can get the money back, but he’s not intrested in this option. The order will end in 2day. Please help


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Do not send anything to the buyer. The buyer’s funds will be returned to them as Fiverr credit. Going outside of Fiverr to do anything will get you in trouble with Fiverr.

Just let the cancellation be and move on; it’s not worth losing your account over.

Thanks so much. i appreciate you taking the time to respond

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